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wow i love noodles so much i wish i could describe it in a picture

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ahealthynewbeginning said: Thanks for the comment on my post, my own has said 1200 is the absolute lowest so I go by what she tells me, but I appreciate the comment! I guess what it is depends on the nutritionist too!

That is very true! Everyone has different opinions!! I guess I should have added in there I am VERY short and have a super small frame so my required calorie intake is of course going to be different than someone with a different body type. It sucks okay eating 1000!! Lol

// Just want some chocolate:(//

Can’t a girl eat some chocolate and not feel like she fucked up her whole life? Now I’m cranky and just want to be by myself. Either eat and be happy or be skinny and crabby. Yeah neither sound too good right now!!!! UGH

// Seriously. Just seriously. //

Dude, being force fed chocolate when you had a clean eating day and just want to go to bed is NOT okay!!!!

fi-tt said: yeah it did! its just hard to tell what it is.. it may even be water weight.. cuase i randomly gain 3 kilos within 1 day.. and it may be because im not drinking enough water and the water i do drink is being stored in my body.. cause i was 62 one day then 65 that night. kinda weird i know! its so annoying!

I know how annoying that can be!! Aim for 8 cups of water a day, it really does make a difference! If it’s hard to just drink water try the packets of crystal light. Just be sure they are sweetened with truvia and not “aspartame.” aspartame can actually make you gain weight and does horrible things to your body. Health is key! It is normal for your weight to fluctuate too. That most definitely means you are at a plateau and need to kick things up a notch. I have several workouts if you would like to try some. ALSO if you are eating a lot of carbs that could be your problem. Aim to stay between 75 to 95 carbs a day. “Carbs minus Fiber” high protein, low carb will kick your body into a lean mean fat burning machine :) hope I helped!!

// Okayyyy//

So I’ve been doing reallllly good lately. I’ve been using the Lose It app to track my calories and carbs plus exercise. I’ve been doing the insanity workout but I haven’t been able to make it through the first video yet. Once I get halfway and stretch I get really weak and shaky so that’s my goal is to make it through the first video and then continue on with the routine. I am also trying to go for walks cause that really clears my mind. I will say I have been caving and having some sort of desert though :) yesterday I had chocolate chips. I think it helps to record it and see it all add up.

Love, Success, Happiness

Love, Success, Happiness

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Skinny please?